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Handsome Genius vs Ugly Charlatan ,TESLA vs Einstein

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Nikola Tesla Trashed Einstein as a 'Crank'!


   Handsome Genius vs Ugly Charlata

Show a photo of the hideous creature known as 'Einstein' to even the most learning disabled child and he'll immediately identify the sanctified scientist. His name itself has become synonymous with genius. Just enter only the term 'scientific genius' into a Google Image search, and image after image of St. Albert will populate your screen. 
But what exactly did this great "genius" - the man whom H.L. Mencken derided as "that fiend for publicity" - actually do, besides fill up chalkboards with numbers? How has humanity benefited from his 'Theory of Relativity'? Contrary to popular laymen belief, space travel and nuclear energy have nothing to do with Einstein's "discovery".
Why, after nearly a century has passed, are there still top physicists who refute Einstein's theory? After all, no one, and I mean absolutely no one, refutes the Theory of Gravity, or the Laws of Thermodynamics. Why so much hype for this Jewish god of "Theoretical Science"; this serial adulterer, this proven plagiarist, this deadbeat dad, this phony "pacifist" who fled anti-Communist Germany and then urged the U.S. into entering an unnecessary war. 
PauLee BlueStreet

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth” - VLADIMIR LENIN"It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled" - MARK TWAIN“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” - ADOLF HITLER

Albert Einstein:

- COMMUNIST - RACIST- FRAUD- LYING CONMAN and WARMONGER- ZIONIST- SUPREMACIST - MORON PLAGIARIST, LIAR and THIEF:- WOMANIZER- 1898......Paul Gerber in Germany publishes the exact equations in Annalen der Physik (also in "Science of Mechanics", a- 1898......Paul Gerber in Germany publishes the exact equations in Annalen der Physik (also in "Science of Mechanics", a book that Einstein is known to have studied) which Einstein publishes 17 years later in 1915 as his "perihelion motion of to his crime, under pressure! Mercury", in exactly the same journal, with no cites to Gerber, claiming that he was "in the dark", only to confess in 1920 - 1898......Poincare in France wrote the paper on the theory of relativity, which never mentions Einstein, which Einstein Planck or Wien.   plagiarizes as one of his 1905 papers without ever citing Poincare. In 1900, Max Planck and Wilhelm Wien of Germany develop the quantum theory which Einstein plagiarizes as his "Light Quantum" paper in 1905, never even citing either - 1903......Olinto de Pretto publishes E=mc^2 in Atte, a scientific magazine known to be read by Einstein, which he later in the very same journal as Einstein plagiarizes it as his own in 1905, never citing any of the three.   claimed as his own work, never citing de Pretto.  (Einstein was well versed in Italian and even lived in Northern Italy for a brief time.)   - 1904......Friedrich Hasenohrl of Germany, citing J.J. Thomson of England and W. Kaufmann of Sweden, publishes E=mc2 - 1905......Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard under whom Einstein's wife studied, received a Nobel Prize for discovering the Einstein remained a fervent supporter of communism till his dying day, despite the fact that it was by far the most murderous system in human history, but that did not bother him because it’s 100 MILLION plus victims were nothing but “goyim” to Einstein!   photo-electric effect, which Einstein then completely plagiarizes the SAME year, presenting it as "his" paper, with no references to Lenard.   - 1905......June 5th, Poincarre publishes Sur la dynamique de l'electron, naming the Lorentz Transformations after Lorentz, and 25 days later, on June 30th, Einstein, failing to even cite Poincare or Lorentz, presents it as his theory of relativity.   COMMUNIST:Einstein was a Zionist with membership in at least 16 Communist front organizations such as “Friends of the Soviet.” Einstein was head of the “Jewish Black Book Committee” which was listed as a Communist front in the “1947 House Un-American Activities Committee Report.”  Einstein also enthusiastically supported the genocide Zionist conquest of Palestine.      “Nationalism is an infantile disease.” – EINSTEIN (The Freemasonic Globalist LIBERAL Communist) RACIST:Einstein hated and despised ALL German people all of his life beginning in his youth! FRAUD:Dayton C. Miller, President of the American Physics Society and Herbert Dingle, President of Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society, both of which disagreed with almost all of Einstein’s ideas. "The world would have been a better place without him". ZIONIST:SUPREMACIST:LYING CONMAN and WARMONGER: Einstein was instrumental in the development of the nuclear bomb; writing a letter to President Roosevelt demanding that USA immediately start a full-scale bomb development program.  The letter, naturally contained a lie that being that the Germans were developing an atomic bomb of their own.  Einsteinwas sorely disappointed that the bomb was not completed in time to drop on Germany, but was glad to drop it on “those damn Jap goyim who had the gall to ally themselves with Germany.”Einstein was an avowed Jewish Supremacist.  He wrote an article for Time Magazine entitled “Why Jews are Superior”. MORON:Einstein was far from an ideal husband.  A year before they married, Einstein’s wife Mileva Maric gave birth to a daughter Lieserl, while Einstein was absent.  The child was presumed to have been given up for adoption, perhaps under pressure from Einstein who is thought to have never seen his first born.  After the marriage, Mileva bore two sons but the family was not to stay together.  Einstein began an affair with his cousin Elsa Lowenthal while on a trip to Berlin in 1912 leaving Mileva and his family two years later.  Einstein and Mileva finally divorced in 1919 and he saw little of his sons.  The elder son Hans Albert, later reflected, “probably the only project he ever gave up on was me.”  The younger son Eduard, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and died in an asylum.  Einstein married his 2nd wife Elsa soon after the divorce, but a few years later, he began an affair with Betty Neumann, the niece of a friend.  Prestigious Professor of classic literature, Revilo Oliver quoted, “Einstein in his judgement of social and political problems, was a moron and used his intellectual powers to exert a highly pernicious influence.” In 1923......Jose Ortega y Gasset, Spanish Philosopher quoted, “Einstein has assumed the right to offer an opinion on the Spanish Civil War and to take a one-sided stand on it.  Einstein displays a profound ignorance about what has happened in Spain today, centuries ago and always.  This intervention of his is the height of insolence.” WOMANIZER: PROFESSOR NIKOLA TESLA WAS AND STILL IS THE SMARTEST SCIENTIST TO HAVE EVER EXISTED
                                 Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive?                                 Einstein's reply was: "I don't know, you'll have to ask Nikola Tesla"
- Tesla spoke 6 fluent languages: Serbo-Croatian, Latin, Italian, French, German, and English. - Tesla designed and performed all of his inventions and experiments >>> ALL IN HIS HEAD OUT OF MEMORY <<<- Tesla had a "MINIMUM" of 276 Registered Patents in over 26 countries!- Tesla invented Fluorescent Lights- Tesla invented the AC Current Electricity- Tesla invented the Brushless Motor - Tesla invented NEON lights - Tesla invented "wireless transmission" aka; today's Cell Phones!- Tesla invented the AC Transformer - Tesla invented the AC Generator - Tesla invented Remote Control- Tesla invented "Wireless Lights" ??? - Tesla Electro-Therapy- Tesla invented X-Ray - Tesla invented Robotics - Tesla two-phase, three-phase, multi-phase, poly-phase system of power transmission - Tesla electrical massage - Tesla currents - Tesla induction motor- Tesla principle - Tesla transmission - Tesla rotating magnetic field - Teslaic experiments - Tesla rotating magnetic field transformer - Tesla capacity - Tesla Arclight system - Tesla system of transformation by condenser discharges- Tesla third brush regulation - Tesla split-phase motor - Tesla devices - Tesla system of distribution - Tesla sparks - Tesla rotary transformer - Tesla arrangements - Tesla theory - Tesla point - Tesla high frequency machines- Tesla coil - Tesla Steam Turbine - Tesla Oscillation Transformer - Tesla Gas Turbine - Tesla Electrical Oscillator - Tesla Water Turbine - Tesla Mechanical Oscillator - Tesla Pump - Tesla Compressor - Tesla Inductor- Tesla Dynamo-Electric Oscillator - Tesla Igniter - Tesla condensers - Tesla tube - Tesla electro-static field - Tesla lamp - Tesla effects - Tesla high-potential methods - Tesla wireless system .......and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.........- Tesla methods of wireless transmission - Tesla marvels - Tesla impedance phenomena - Tesla magnifying transmitter - Tesla Telautomata - Tesla insulation - Tesla underground transmission .......and what did your FAKE Freemasonic "hero" Einstein, the "Globalist LIBERAL Communist" invent?
T H E F T,    F R A U D,   L I E S   and B S“A lie told often enough becomes the truth” - VLADIMIR LENIN“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” - ADOLF HITLER"It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled" - MARK TWAIN .......and what did your FAKE Freemasonic "hero" Einstein, the "Globalist LIBERAL Communist" invent?T H E F T,    F R A U D,   L I E S   and B S T H E F T,    F R A U D,   L I E S   and B S“A lie told often enough becomes the truth” - VLADIMIR LENIN“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” - ADOLF HITLER"It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled" - MARK TWAIN

.......and what did your FAKE Freemasonic "hero" Einstein, the "Globalist LIBERAL Communist" invent?
T H E F T,    F R A U D,   L I E S   and B S


Well, we know why, don't we? Person of the Century? Really? 

Without going deep into the scientific realm which admittedly is "not my bag", let us be clear as to what Einstein's Relativity actually claims. The Theory of Relativity holds that time and space are "warped". Those of you old enough to remember the original 'Planet of the Apes' with Charlton Heston will recall how time had slowed down for the space travellers when they had reached a certain speed. Upon their return to Planet Earth, the astronauts are still in their 30's while the Earth has passed through 1000's of years of "Evolution". Heston's age defying journey is based on the Theory of Relativity. 
The crew looks pretty good for being 1000+ years old! Apart from challenging our common sense, the time warps, space warps and artificial speed limits of Einstein's imagination (actually stolen from previous theoreticians) can neither be tested nor observed. Yet we are all supposed to accept this dubious brand of "Theoretical Science" as Holy Writ. "Time and Space can warp. Trust us. We're scientists."say the Relativists.Einstein's modern doubters included renown cold fusion expert Eugene Mallove (1947-2004). In an article published in Infinite Energy magazine, Mallove writes:"There are many sources of technical critiques of Einstein's work, such as the dissident journals Galilean Electrodynamics, Physics Essays, Apeiron, Journal of New Energy, etc., as well as books by thoughtful critics: Harold Aspden, Petr Beckmann, Peter and Neal Graneau, Ronald Hatch, Herbert Ives, Thomas Phipps, Jr., and Franco Selleri, to name but a few.There is even an organization, the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA), which holds regional and national meetings devoted to critiquing modern physics, especially Einsteinian relativity. This community of dissidents and publications has been completely ignored by a self-satisfied Physics Establishment, which preserves its power and prestige, in part by mystifying veritable "scientific saints," such as Einstein and Stephen Hawking."Electrical Engineer and author Robert L. Henderson:"Einstein was perhaps the most irrational person ever to masquerade as a mathematician or scientist. The book explains how all of Einstein’s impossible concepts of the world around us–as well as his unintelligible attempts to mathematically express those concepts–became accepted solely through operation of The-Emperor’s-New-Clothes syndrome: the most egregious example of this syndrome that has ever occurred."Einstein himself, that great egomaniac, even admitted:"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right. A single experiment can prove me wrong."This of course is a classic study in 'Negative Proof Fallacy'. Evidently, St. Albert has never read the Sherlock Holmes stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. The legendary sleuth warns:"Never theorize before you have data. Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."Einstein and The-Emperor’s-New-Clothes Syndrome: The Expose of a Charlatan*St. Albert put the conclusion first, followed it with elegant mathematics to "prove" the premise, and then challenged his peers to disprove a negative. That's a tall order for anyone to fill.But if there was one man could dethrone such a cleverly crafted illusion, it was the great, and I mean great, Nikola Tesla. When once asked by a sycophantic reporter how it felt to be the smartest man on Earth, Einstein himself replied, "I wouldn't know. Ask Nikola Tesla".Tesla's genius can only be described as the stuff of "freak of nature". There is simply no exaggerating the depth of his scientific and creative prowess. He was the greatest electrical engineer of all time and perhaps the greatest inventor as well. Tesla is most well known for his invention of the AC power distribution system that we still use today.

Tesla was even greater than Edison.

A 1931 Time Magazine cover story (above left) revealed Tesla's disdain for Relativity. An excerpt:***"Nikola Tesla, the man with seven hundred basic patents to his credit, who startled the world on a number of occasions in the past by achieving what others had regarded as impossible, including the large-scale generation and distribution of alternating current, yesterday treated the combined metropolitan press to a personally conducted tour of the labyrinthine laboratory of his fertile mind.Just a few of his inventions include the electric (AC induction) motor, radio and wireless communication, electronic logic (the AND gate), charged particle beams, the rotating magnetic field, flourescent lighting, and the vertical take-off and landing concept.""And what exactly did this under-appreciated genius have to say about Relativity?""Since action and reaction are coexistent, it follows that the supposed curvature of space is entirely impossible  ..Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. The scientists from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not produce erroneous theories. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane."*** 
  St. Albert's Mathematical Masturbation proves nothing! At times, Tesla's criticism of Einstein was even personal in nature, suggesting that Einstein was not merely mistaken, but actually a fraud:"Einstein is a beggar dressed in purple clothes and made king using dazzling mathematics that obscure truth"..."Relativity is a massive deception wrapped in a beautiful mathematical cloak.”"The theory of relativity is a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of thepast and even to common sense.""The theory, wraps all these errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king. Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists. Not a single one of the relativity propositions has been proved."

"Relativity is a beggar wrapped in purple whom ignorant people take for a King."

Tesla's most scathing condemnation of the Marxist charlatan was penned in a 1934 poem entitled 'Olympian Gossip', written to a friend. In the poem, Tesla sarcastically mocks Einstein and calls him a "long haired crank". An excerpt:
While listening on my cosmic phone
I caught words from the Olympus blown.
A newcomer was shown around;
That much I could guess, aided by sound.

"There's Archimedes with his lever
Still busy on problems as ever.
Says: matter and force are transmutable
And wrong the laws you thought immutable."
Too bad, Sir Isaac, they dimmed your renown
And turned your great science upside down.
Now a long haired crank, Einstein by name,
Puts on your high teaching all the blame.

Says: matter and force are transmutable
And wrong the laws you thought immutable."
"I am much too ignorant, my son,
For grasping schemes so finely spun.

My followers are of stronger mind
And I am content to stay behind.
Einstein's fraud clearly rankled Tesla; so much so that he set out to dethrone the puffed-up hero of Jewish Marxism. The Time article also revealed that Tesla was committed to debunking Einstein:
It came as a surprise to your humble author that the man who was perhaps the greatest scientist in human history publicly maintained, to his dying day, that Einstein and his Relativity were cleverly masked frauds. Who knows? Perhaps the odd circumstances surrounding Tesla's death may have had something to do with protecting the myth of St. Albert.
In any event, I just had to share this discovery of the Tesla-Einstein debate with my readers. 

Einstein Wrote Tesla A Letter For His 75th birthday, Here’s What It Said:

Posted on 

by Luke Miller Truth Theory 

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were both quite peculiar characters, both introverted, strong minded and arguably crazy. Both were also totally dedicated to their scientific endeavours.

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.

And Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.
Given their outspoken nature and being 2 of the leading scientific minds in the world it was inevitable that they would eventually bump heads.
In 1931 on Nikola Tesla’s 75th birthday he was featured on the cover of Time magazine. Time requested a comment from Einstein to which he politely responded with, “As an eminent pioneer in the realm of high frequency currents… I congratulate you on the great successes of your life’s work.” It was short and to the point from Einstein.
However in the poem “Fragments of Olympian Gossip” which was thought to have been composed in the late 1920’s Tesla criticised Einstein:
“Now a long haired crank, Einstein by name,
Puts on your high teaching all the blame.”
Also later in 1935 when speaking with The New York Times, Tesla was critical of Einstein stating that his theory of relativity was “a beggar wrapped in purple whom ignorant people take for a king” and “a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of the past and even to common sense… the theory wraps all these errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors…. its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists. Not a single one of the relativity propositions has been proved.”
It is also rumored that when Einstein was asked how it felt to be the smartest man on Earth, he replied, “I wouldn’t know. Ask Nikola Tesla”.Given the nature of the relationship between Einstein and Tesla, it is assumed that if Einstein did indeed say those words, it would make sense that it was a sarcastic remark and not a compliment.
Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here
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9 Mai,cu suflet de ROMAN

PORTRET: Colegul Septimiu Roman – un iubitor al neamului românesc

Marţi, 17 ianuarie, se împlinesc patru ani de la trecerea la Domnul a colegului şi prietenului nostru Septimiu Roman.
Toţi cei care l-am cunoscut, am apreciat nu doar vocea sa remarcabilă, pasiunea şi profesionalismul cu care şi-a realizat misiunea de jurnalist, dar şi felul său unic de a fi – plin de energie, mereu vesel şi pus pe glume, un prieten adevărat, gata să ajute în orice moment.
* * * * *
Septimiu Roman s-a născut la 9 mai 1956, la Sibiu.
A absolvit Liceul „Octavian Goga” din oraşul natal, iar după efectuarea serviciului militar a fost admis la Universitatea Bucureşti, Facultatea de Limbi Romanice, Clasice şi Orientale, absolvită în anul 1980 cu specializarea română-franceză.
A fost apoi, timp de 10 ani, profesor de limba română şi franceză, obţinând gradul didactic II.
În anul 1990 se angajează la Radio România, fiind mai întâi crainic, timp de un an, apoi realizator, producător, publicist comentator la puncte-fixe, corespondent şi trimis special al radioului public în străinătate şi în teatrele de operaţii ale Armatei Române.
În 1990 a absolvit cursul de „Tehnici de vorbire la microfon”, iar în anii 1992, 1994 şi 1995 s-a instruit în cadrul unor programe de jurnalism organizate de Radiodifuziune.
A fost corespondent în Republica Moldova (1992 – 1994), Polonia – 1994 şi Elveţia, în acelaşi an, acolo unde s-a aflat după obţinerea unei burse acordate de Radio Suisse.
În perioada 1995 – 1997 a fost expert la Radio China Internaţional – programul în limba română, apoi a fost realizator al emisiunilor „Matinal”, „Matinal Duminical” – din anul 1999 -, „Euroatlantica” şi „Cronicari în colb de cronici”, realizată la Radio România Actualităţi, împreună cu istoricul Mircea Dogaru, emisiune interzisă la un moment dat din excesul de zel al conducătorilor postului.
În 30 iunie 1997 a realizat de la Bejing, în colaborare cu Alexandra Andon (aflată în studioul de la Bucureşti) emisiunea duplex Bucureşti – Beijing, produsă în colaborare de RRA şi Radio China Internaţional şi dedicată revenirii Hong-Kong-ului la China, emisiune care a primit un premiu special din partea Comitetului Director al Radio China Internaţional. Transcriptul acestei emisiuni este prezentat dealtfel şi în volumul „Evantaiul celor 1000 de gânduri”, publicat de Editura Ion Cristoiu în anul 1999.
În anul 1998, Septimiu Roman a coordonat şi realizat masa rotundă pe tema „Punţilor prieteniei româno – chineze”.
În anul 2003 a transmis corespondenţe din Iordania acolo unde a fost trimis să acopere informaţional intervenţia americană în Irak. La acel moment, Radio România şi Ministerul Apărării Naţionale demaraseră “Operaţiunea Curcubeul”, care a presupus o reţea de corespondenţi care să acopere atacul şi cucerirea Irakului, pe lângă corespondenţele de la Amman ale lui Septimiu, fiind trimişi Radu Dobriţoiu, în Turcia, de unde ar fi urmat să intre în nordul Irakului în cazul în care Parlamentul de la Ankara ar fi aprobat intervenţia SUA, Cătălin Gomboş în Kuweit, Gabriel Ionescu în Qatar, iar Mario Balint chiar în Bagdad.
În anul 2005 a absolvit cursul „Reporter pentru situaţii speciale”.
În perioada activităţii didactice a publicat mai multe articole de limbă şi literatură română şi franceză şi de metodică didactică.

Din bogata sa experienţă jurnalistică, au văzut lumina tiparului volumele “Prin jertfă pentru Europa. Pe urmele armatei române în Campania din Vest” (Editura Brand, 2005) – lansată la 24 octombrie 2005, şi “Bătălia pentru România: dialog pe calea undelor” (împreună cu Mircea Dogaru, Editura Phobos, 2005).
Primul volum este o mărturie a dragostei nemărginite a lui Septimiu faţă de istoria naţională, sentiment ce i-a călăuzit paşii, împreună cu o delegaţie pentru Oficiul Naţional pentru Cultul Eroilor, în perioada 22-29 aprilie 2005, prin ţările europene, urmând traseul eroic al Armatei române, în cel de – Al Doilea Război Mondial, presărat cu mii de morminte ale ostaşilor români care îşi dorm somnul de veci în cimitire din ţările pentru libertatea cărora au căzut la datorie.
Iată ce scria Septimiu în argumentul-prefaţă al acestui volum:
“(…) Acestor eroi – mulţi dintre ei neştiuţi, sau, adeseori, pe nedrept uitaţi, ce-şi dorm somnul de veci departe de locurile din care au plecat – le sunt închinate rândurile de mai jos, cu ocazia împlinirii a 60 de ani de la victoria în războiul în care au dat jertfa supremă pentru libertatea României şi a Europei.
De asemenea, tuturor acelora care au supravieţuit, în speranţa că autorităţile în drept să-şi aducă aminte de ei – nu numai la sărbători sau în campaniile de imagine !…
Nu ne integrăm în Europa cu şuruburi sau rulmenţi, cu “grămada de fier vechi” – cum zicea un “subtil” politician – ci cu resursele noastre, dar, în primul rând, cu civilizaţia şi cultura noastră, cu istoria şi jertfele noastre! Pe aceia care îşi închipuie că “nu putem păşi înainte cu faţa întoarsă spre trecut”, care desconsideră experienţa trecutului, repetându-i, matematic, greşelile, sper ca paginile care urmează să-i pună, cât de cât, pe gânduri! Dacă au timp şi… chef! În amintirea unor rude – mai apropiate sau îndepărtate – pe care fiecare dintre noi le avem pierdute în cele două războaie mondiale şi înhumate în ţară sau în peste 30 de ţări din Europa şi… aiurea, noi, ca dascăl şi jurnalist, ne facem datoria!…”
Prin acest volum, autorul îşi propunea să tragă un semnal de alarmă asupra stării materiale precare şi a lipsei de apreciere faţă de veteranii de război pe care o manifestă opinia publică, subliniind contrastul între faptele de vitejie ale acestora şi condiţiile, de cele mai multe ori inumane, în care aceşti eroi ai neamului sunt nevoiţi să îşi ducă existenţa.
În anul 2006 Septimiu Roman a fost trimis special în teatrul de operaţii al Armatei Române din Kandahar, Afganistan, iar în anul 2008, timp de patru luni, a fost corespondent al RRA în teatrul de operaţii de la Tallil, Irak, pe perioada misiunii Batalionului de Infanterie din Iaşi (supranumit „Lupii Negri”).
A fost de-a lungul anilor corespondentul Radio România pe lângă Ministerul de Externe, Ministerul Apărării, Guvern şi Parlament.
A realizat nenumărate interviuri cu personalităţi ale vieţii politice şi culturale, interne şi internaţionale, fiind remarcabile cele realizate cu preşedinţii României, Ion Iliescu, Republicii Moldova, Mircea Snegur şi Franţei, François Mitterand.
A fost tipul de jurnalist – patriot, fiindcă a fost implicat profund şi în problemele românilor din afara frontierelor, dar şi ale românilor discriminaţi în propria ţară, aşa cum sunt cei din judeţele Covasna şi Harghita, sau romano-catolicii din Moldova agresaţi violent de neprieteni care le contestă identitatea românească. A transmis nenumărate corespondenţe despre convieţuirea interetnică din ţara noastră, de la Universitatea de vară de la Izvorul Mureşului, de la alte evenimente culturale româneşti desfăşurate de o parte şi de alta a Carpaţilor, prezentând durerile românilor din mediul multietnic şi multiconfesional, uitate parcă prea des de politicienii preocupaţi de alte interese, de ordin personal.
A primit, în timp, nenumărate premii şi distincţii, fiind de menţionat cele venite din partea Crucii Roşii, a Radio China Internaţional, premiul Asociaţiei Jurnaliştilor Profesionişti din România – în anul 2005 şi Diploma de Excelenţă a Oficiului Naţional pentru Cultul Eroilor pentru anul 2006 – decernată pe 3 decembrie în acelaşi an, în cadrul spectacolului „Suflet de român“ dedicat Zilei Naţionale a României, desfăşurat la Centrul Cultural al Ministerului Afacerilor Interne. ONCE l-a premiat atunci pe Septimiu „pentru profesionalismul dedicat cultului eroilor, dăruit publicului cu patima omului care crede”.
De asemenea, a fost distins cu Emblema de Onoare a Statului Major General al Armatei, acordată de generalul Ştefan Oprea în anul 2010, la împlinirea a 70 de ani de la difuzarea, de către RRA, a primei emisiuni „Ora Ostaşului”.
A trecut în Împărăţia Cerurilor, mult prea devreme, la 17 ianuarie 2013.

Fotografii din arhiva familiei Roman
Răzvan Moceanu

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